New Installations
Tank Location
System Evaluations
System Upgrades
Maintenance Contracts

System Assessments:

  • If you have newly purchased your home or simply forgotten the location of your tank . . .
    We can help!
  • We can evaluate your system for operation and conformance to current standards . . .
  • We can recommend upgrades and repairs to your system
  • We are fully equipped to determine the status of your tank and arrange pumping


We install all types of new Onsite Wastewater Management Systems:

  • Traditional Trench Bed and Filter Beds
  • Several Types of Tertiary Treatment Systems
  • Gray Water Management Systems
  • Oxygen Enhanced Leaching Bed

New Installations:

  • Tank Locations
  • System Evaluations
  • System Upgrades
  • Maintenance Contracts

Annual Maintenance Contracts:

Under the terms of our annual Maintenance contract we will visit your site annually and will perform the following services:

  • Remove, wash and re-install the effluent filter
  • Measure scum and sludge levels
  • Determine if the tank requires pumping
  • Send you a written report indicating the date and time of the visit and details of our findings including any unusual findings
  • the tank requires pumping

Our Mission

“To be the best customer centred waste water management company in Ontario”

Our Goal:

To become the premier designers and Installers of Waste water Management Systems in Ontario